V Media - Social Media Marketing for Financial Services How to Get Even More Paying Customers in 8 Easy Steps

Social Media Marketing for Financial Services: How to Get Even More Paying Customers in 8 Easy Steps

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It can be tough to create reliable and engaging web content on  
social media.

That’s specifically true if you’re in the financial services  
industry take for example insurance companies, banks or finance firms.

Why? Since there are lots of terms your customers need to adhere to 
and also you often need long term contracts and dedication from them.  
That causes extensive and complicated sales processes that could take  
a number of weeks for your target market to go from follower to client.

( It’s not as quick or easy to sell finance-related products compared  
with selling a hairbrush.)

How does that lengthy sales procedure work with social media: A place  
where people desire bitesize material and are constanly searching for  
enjoyable content?

In this post, we will be sharing the solution.

1. Ditch (or explain) the lingo.

Possibilities are, you understand what I’m talking about when I use  
words like ‘Variance’ or ‘LIFO’, and you also have a fair  
understanding exactly how ISAs work.

Your clients? may not be able to comprehend such words if they’re not  
in environments that make use of them.

That’s why you need to constantly clarify monetary terms in layman’s  
language and supply education and learning. While also making the  
message as simple as it can possibly be constructed to their level of  

Jargon could alienate your social media fans, so stick to talking how  
they would.

You can Learn which lingo you must ditch (or explain) on social media  
by surveying your audience. Send a survey that asks existing customers  
to tick the financing terminology they don’t recognize. Or, you can  
put together the questions your consumers regularly ask at physical  
branches, over the phone and also email.

You would be surprised to find out that 90% of your client base still  
do not understand what ‘equity’ is even if they have a mortgage.

2. Increase involvement with interactive web content.

Interactive web content gets individuals to do something, as opposed  
to passively watch or review it.

Social media, a place where you’re competing for the focus of over 2.5  
billion people all over the world, that’s something you need to make  
the most of.

Wondering what counts as ‘interactive’ web content on social media?  
Your timetable can consist of:.

Twitter Polls.

Instagram Q&A stickers on your Stories.

Links to a test organized on your web site.

Studies or free gifts.

This type of interactive content gets your target market involved,  
enhancing general engagement and the possibilities of social media  
algorithms pushing your well-known content to the top of your fan’s  

It’s not a surprise that 93% of marketers say interactive web content  
is more effective at informing a customer, versus 70% for typical easy  

3. Tell tales and share behind the scenes.

Financial institutions as well as insurance companies can feel really  
formal or co operate especially for B2C customers.

Running with that company ambiance when you’re targeting the public  
can hurt your efforts when engaging with your followers due to the  
fact that they can’t connect to you.

Lets face it: Who would certainly purchase from a financial brand they  
believed were out of their league?

( Definitely not us.).

Rather, concentrate on helping your audience connect to you by showing  
off your individuality, and also confirming there’s a bunch of  
remarkable people behind your brand name.

You might do that by:.

Sharing staff stories.
Informing the tale of exactly how your business was established.
A success tale from one of your pleased consumers.
A trip of your workplace.

4. Encourage and also reply to customer reviews.

Are you aware that 60% of Nigerian customers posses the fear that  
there accounts or atm cards may be hacked?

It’s not surprising especially when significant sums of money, ID  
records and signatures are at stake.

Your financial brand should make every effort to be seen as trustworthy.

The most convenient method to do that is by encouraging satisfied  
clients to leave comments and reviews on your social media profile  
showing to prospective customers that people depend on you with their  
delicate details, so they should also.

Sprinkling your social media accounts with radiant reviews by:.

Including a web link for testimonials in deal confirmation emails.
Giving customers a motivation to do so (e.g. a discount rate code for  
their next acquisition).
Directly asking long-term customers to share their experience.

However what takes place if a dissatisfied customer takes to social  
media to call out your firm?

( Spoiler alert: The response isn’t to erase it and hope that nobody  
sees it.).

Openly acknowledging and replying to unfavorable evaluations is the  
most effective step as once again, it improves trust in your brand and  
business as a whole.

Evaluations made by Power Reviews found that 85% of customers look for  
negative reviews in order to make informed purchase choices because a  
lot of beautiful testimonials can be misleading to customers.

We are willing to bet that a brand which acknowledges its mistakes and  
ask for forgiveness while looking into the problem is seen by the  
public as a more reliable company than one with a 1000 five star  
rating and no negative feed back.

5. Build relationships with influencer endorsements.

  We cannot over emphasize the reach and voice of influencers in  
regard to endorsing a service or a product.

Bear with me: we are not done just yet.

A report by Fullscreen found that 54% of social media customers aged  
18-24 trust influencer messages, and 44% of the 25-34 group count on  
what an influencer says concerning a brand name more than what a brand  
name states concerning itself.

Why not use that to your advantage and bring influencers into your  
social media projects?

Finance brands can collaborate with influencers by:.

Partnering with an influencer for a series of sponsored tweets.
Contributing a visitor blog post to a popular finance blog.
Providing bloggers a complimentary trial of your product and services  
in return for an evaluation.
Letting an influencer do an ‘Instagram takeover’.
Sponsoring a vlogger’s video.

Influencers actually have established target markets who are devoted  
and involved and if they’re endorsing your brand name, you’ll be  
revealed to them. That’s bound to bring lots of brand-new eyeballs to  
your social media accounts.

We’ve got news for you: Make sure that whoever you’re pairing with has  
a comparable target audience to your very own purchaser characters. Or  
else, you’ll be promoting your brand to a team of individuals who  
might have absolutely no passion in what your offering!

6. Openly compare your products and services to competitors.

The money sector is extremely competitive. If you’re selling a  
service or product that everyone needs (like a checking account or  
home loan), competitors will certainly be all around telling potential  
customers why there service is better.

Don’t allow that put you off, though.

Instead, utilize it as fuel for your social media and also show  
individuals that you’re the company they should create a relationship  
and bond with by comparing yourself to your rivals services.

You can stand out against your rivals by showing off the additional  
services you offer your clients. As an example:.

Are you known to offer better customer care?
Are you a lot more budget friendly than your rivals?
Do you provide much better prices?
Whatever it is that you’re better at, flaunt it!

7. Use emojis in your social media posts.

Fancy an additional strategy to get your social media target market  
involved, while enhancing your total interaction and services?

Use emojis in your social media content– a pointer that’s shown to  
give 25% more engagement on Twitter.

Ordinary messages are dull,interesting emojis could assist your web  
content stand apart in a congested feed.

Going back to what we stated concerning finance being an incredibly  
competitive industry?
You can make use of these suggestions by:.

Utilizing emojis to convey emotion. For example, make use of 


rather  than “We’re sad because …”.
Asking your fans to respond to your blog post in emojis– a fantastic  
form of interactive web content!
Use Twitter hashflags (an emoji instantly following a hashtag) when  
you see one that’s suitable and also trending in your feed. If you  
have a large marketing budget, you can partner with Twitter to produce  
your own.

8. Dive onto relevant hashtags.

If you’re battling to get your content seen by people already  
following you on social media, you’re not alone. Many platforms  
(specifically Facebook) basically ask you to promote your content to  
get it seen by a larger part of your potential audience

Yet what occurs when that cash money isn’t available?

The answer: Use pertinent hashtags to boost your organic reach.

When you include hashtags in your social media content, you’re making  
the material visible to people who browse the hashtag-specific feeds.
Hashtags increase your reach. if you’re a financial institution  
offering a service to the general public, there’s no reason a person  
searching for those hashtags will not become a possible client.

That being said, it’s essential to make use of the right hashtag to  
ensure you’re not losing out on people actively surfing  
industry-specific feeds.

Below are a handful of finance-related hashtags to get you started:.

On a final note.
Now that you’re fully in the know regarding exactly how to develop  
terrific content for your financial service, There’s no reason why you  
should suffer with a poor number of followers on social media and also  
having to deal with heavy cost on your conversion rates.

Focus on, establishing trust and be good at creating content for your  
financial brand, set yourself apart from the competition by comparing  
the services you offer to what your rivals offer boost your natural  
reach by using the appropriate sector hashtags.

Social media will certainly become a huge component in advertising we  
are sure of it!

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