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How Marketing Automation Works

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Do you want to increase sales and conversion rates? Are you looking for tangable results on your marketing efforts? Learn how to do it with the number 1 automation platform brought to you by Victoriasmedia. The number 1 marketing automation platform for online companies used by over 5,000 customers all over the world. The way it works is very simple. We identify customers visiting your website and collect information on which product they click on, or look at. The information on your customers behaviour and interest is immediately used to deliver personalized and perfectly tailored offers via all marketing channels. Email marketing, dynamic website content, social media, mobile advertising networks. Always to the right person at the right time and to the right device. Lets take a look at a real life example of how our marketing automation works

Sandra a customer in your database, considers buying some products online. She came across your ad on facebook and entered your online store. The automation platform brought to you by Victoriasmedia enables you to monitor what Sandra is doing on your website in real time as she is browsing through various products, clicking on them, looking at the pictures, making searches. All this information is collected by our automation system while also creating a profile of Sandra and all her activities on your site. Unfortunately the visit has ended with Sandra not purchasing anything. This is exactly where our automation system gets into action. Knowing the customer is making a purchase decision and knowing exact interest, seems the best opportunity to effectively sell your product. We  start by sending a dynamic one to one email right after the visit which will include the recorded information about the clicked and viewed product. And it will be delivered at the day and hour which has the highest chance of getting open and clicked on. Then we send a push message on Sandras mobile phone with the product of interest offering a special discount for her to use. When she visits facebook Sandra will see products from your online store, similar to the one she had clicked on. And finally while entrying your online store again, she will get perfectly personalized and intelligent product recommendation, shown on your website. What are the results implication?  Your marketing strategy with our marketing automation. 
400 percent increase of conversion rates, saving 100s of hours of manual work and increasing your customer satisfaction. Of course thats not everything. You can use our marketing automation to cover the complete customer life cycle in order to increase retention and customer loyality and solve marketers most common problems. 

Having problems with the conversion of anonymous entry to your website?

Use our intelligent personalized pop ups and exit pop ups. 

To many abandoned carts?

Use our solution for cart recovery with predicition of the next best offers. 

Your news letters are getting less and less effective? 

Use our email marketing features and deliver your email individually at the best time and date to each person.

Are You not sure which of your banners on your website and newsletters works best? 

Perform any kind of ABX testing. And stop guessing what is right and what is wrong.

On our platform everything can be done quickly and easily by yourself, thanx to our special wizards. Emailing and newsletters with perfectly easy responsive email drag and drop creators and great analytics. Lead nurturing campaigns to automatically educate new customers that appear in your database. Auto responders to send automatic emails after any kind of event you choose. Dynamic personalized banners to your website, that make your website as if they were prepared individually for each of your customer. Thanks to our marketing automation processes and campaign creator, you can actually setup any kind of automatic process you imagine. No limits here! And at the end of the day, you will see all the results of the marketing activity, on our analytical dashboards for lead generation. Campaigns, lead routing and transactions with special integration with Google analytics. 

Many customers trust us. Are you ready to be come one of them? Contact us for a proof of concept and Join Victoriasmedia Nigerias Number 1 marketing automation company.

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